Products We Test

We test a variety of products and it’s difficult to mention each and every product test available. If you will see on the left hand side of this page, we have listed products we test. Do spend some time on the menu to understand the breadth of our capabilities. 

We have listed these tests by category, subcategory, product and test (contaminant/parameter to test) in the product.

For example: If you would like us to test water adulteration in milk, please follow the following procedure. Select "Food Item" in Category, "Milk and Milk Products" in Subcategory, "Milk" in Product and "Water" in Test from the drop down menu. Please provide us other basic information such as your address and payment details as requested on the page and order the test. It’s that simple. We will take care of the difficult part of sample collection, scientific analysis and explaining it to you in simple terms.

If you have problems finding a product test you would like us to perform, please contact us on our helpline 01212121211 or drop a line on We will be happy to assist you.

Given that we keep adding new tests based on customer demand and our capabilities, feel free to suggest new tests you would like us to add. Please help us in servicing you better.

For large and institutional customers we have uploaded some useful information on Who We Serve.