Cancellation Policy hopes that you never have to cancel an order. At the same time, we would be there to help you whenever you do so due to certain circumstances. As a first step we are laying out our cancellation and return policy to take care of your hassles.

ORDER WHERE SAMPLE HAS NOT BEEN COLLECTED YET FOR TESTING: In case of such cancellations, no cash refund will be made; however, you will receive the paid amount in the form of credit which can be used on your next order anytime during the next 6 months. However, users who fail to use it in six months, such amount will be forfeited.

ORDER WHERE SAMPLE HAS BEEN COLLECTED FOR TESTING: In case of such cancellations, no cash or credit refund will be made and full amount will be forfeited.

REPORT WAS DAMAGED WHEN RECEIVED: We take utmost care while shipping to ensure that the report reaches you in a nice readable format. However, due to situations beyond our control, the reports delivered might get damaged in transit. We would be more than happy to replace such reports under such circumstance. We would request you to let us know of the damage within 48 hours of receipt of order by sending an email on with the order ID and complaint details. We would send you a replacement report. No refunds will happen in these cases.

ERRONEOUS REPORT RECEIVED: We are proud of the robustness of our quality process and the right report and analysis would reach the right person at the right place. However, given it’s a highly technical work, we cannot avoid human errors to an absolute zero. In case you receive reports that are different from the ones you ordered, we will send the right report to you right away. Please send us an email at with the order ID and complaint details. Either we will send you the right report in 2 weeks time or refund would be processed once we have verified your claim.

Exactness Not Guaranteed: hereby disclaims any guarantees of exactness as to the testing analysis of the product as ordered by the user. Testing is a scientific and technical process where results can vary due to many reasons such as conditions of pressure and temperature at the time of sampling, product storage. Some of these conditions can change the characteristics of the product, thereby impacting and influencing the test results. The quality of any analysis, services, information, or other reports purchased or obtained by you through the Website may not meet your expectations.