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Gold is used for making jewelry and it never goes out of style due to its authenticity and beauty. Gold can be mended into any shape and form and can be converted into beautiful designs. We often see people getting allergy or staining problems due to mixture of some metals in gold. It is usually the residue of the metal that comes in the form of stain on the skin. Karat is a system that is used to define the purity of gold a particular item has. 24K is pure gold, rest have some metals mixed in it. Its purity is stated by the trademark or hallmark on your jewelry which identifies its maker. Platinum and nickel is added to gold to make it white, copper is added to make it Rose gold. These metals are added to make gold durable and to make it cost effective. Pure gold is expensive. One should buy the purest quality of gold if budget allows.

Tests available for following adulterants and parameters

Gold Purity Test