About Us

Purity Test is first of its kind quality testing service, which offers quality and adulteration check for wide range of products. We help our clients to ensure that the products they consume meet the quality standards that their money buys. These products are then subjected to a number of tests in state of the art labs and a detailed analysis report is provided.

Our product portfolio ranges from the first drink of your day, milk, to the food on your plate, to even the cement that builds up your place. Please refer to our products we test section for our testing portfolio. If you cannot find a service which suits your product range, please contacts us on our helpline 01212121211 and we will be able to tell you whether we can conduct and arrange that test for you. Some of these tests may take a couple of hours to a few days and some may have to be conducted at labs overseas which can take a few weeks. We make the process of pickup-testing-results delivery really seamless for our clients ensuring good service at affordable prices .

Our Story

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. One of the co-founder and his wife as first time parents were worried when they started feeding their 6 months infant daughter external food such as milk, cereals etc. None of them knew if it was safe, hygienic and most importantly free from adulteration and contamination. They tried a few labs, none of which spoke the language of a common man (they were more interested were knowing what chemical parameters to be tested etc.) and asked us to bring samples to their labs, wait for 3-4 weeks to receive a poorly written scientific report and analysis and also charging heavy rates.

They tried hard and were to get baby food tested a couple of times. However, they also realised that there will be many more concerned parents, admin managers, owners of businesses who would be struggling with these issues every day. Therefore, they decided to set-up a quality testing enterprise which you see today as www.puritytest.in.

Since that point, our idea to become a quality testing and consumer awareness business has become a reality. We also want to be associated with national campaign of “manufacturing with zero defects” and improve the quality of products produced in India for domestic consumption and exports. This has not been an easy feat by any means and our vision has gone through many iterations to become what we are today.

A lot of people, small vendors, large businesses, malls, food courts have approached us to discuss their struggle with quality issues every day. They want us to do process audit and review along with testing the raw material. We will be adding it as a business line soon. Food businesses such as restaurant chains, fast food joints, malls want us to certify their business and want to have a signage outside their premises (on doors) which says "Checked by www.puritytest.in".

As the ideas, thoughts and plans began to accumulate our main objective to provide you, the consumer (big or small), a quality check mechanism is still our focal point. We believe that in today’s day and age, one should have confidence that what they are buying is adulteration free and for these reasons, we have the ambition to provide the much needed transparency and continue to work on it.

Going along with the theme of empowering consumers, we have introduced various ways you can use our services. You can call us on phone number (08080825538), send us an email or you can use our website (www.puritytest.in).

So next time you have a concern over the quality of a product which you have bought or any other reason, trust us to help you with checking its quality!

Given the very nature of our business, we may not have listed all the products we test or the services we offer on our website as it will make it too bulky and difficult to navigate, please feel free to contact us.

Why Purity Test 

Well, we are first of our kind to deliver quality test results as quickly as you would expect. Our product portfolio range is always on the rise. We have and are associated with some of the best, world class lab facilities equipped with experienced and qualified staff. We ensure hassle free and trustworthy results. Our testing standards are aligned to all the necessary guidelines and regulations. A quality check certificate from our end will ensure a steady increase of business at your end. We also boast of large repository of quick and easy do it yourself (DIY) tests. With so many reasons, instead of asking 'Why Purity Test, our clients are compelled to ask 'Well, why not?'

Our Credentials

www.puritytest.in is promoted and operated by Universal Purity Testing Services Pvt. Ltd (UPTS). UPTS employs some of the best talent from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and other premier colleges in India and is pioneer in providing testing and consulting services for different industry verticals.

One of its objective is to raise consumer awareness and it continues to work in the retail space (such as Food, Water, Cosmetics, Dairy, Metals etc.).

The labs we use are some of the best labs in India with a rich history of over 50 years of providing analytical, physical and chemical testing services and are also affiliated to international organisations with global standards.

We also continue to establish a network of more labs to provide a variety of these tests across India. In fact for some product tests, samples are sent to labs based outside of India as they have the required infrastructure  and technical skills.

If you need any more information about us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Partners

Puritytest.in has partnered with some of the best organisations in India to provide its services to customers and clients across India at affordable prices.

For logistics, we have partnered with the Department of Posts (www.indiapost.gov.in), Government of India or what is generally referred in India as “India Post” or "the Post Office". Indian Postal Service has over 150,000 post offices and over 460,000 employees which makes it one of the largest logistics network in the world.

For online payment services (payment gateway), we have partnered with Atom Technologies (www.atomtech.in). Headquartered in Mumbai with offices spanning across India, atom is India’s leading Payment Services Providers. It provides facilities over Internet, IVR, Mobile and POS using credit/debit card, net banking, cash/prepaid cards and IMPS. It has over 100 payment options, facilitated over 15 million+ transactions and 4500+ clients.