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Is water really a life savior?

Water can be a life savior, but in the same way it can be life threatening too. Water is a very important element that is used in almost everything in our day to day lives. From the time we brush our teeth, to having our meals, to going swimming or even having our cars washed, water needs to be used. But usage of bad quality of water in every aspect can lead to many p....

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Constructions can prove to be life threatening. Did you know?

There may be many reasons why a building construction is proved to be faulty. One of the major reasons, apart from the land on which the construction is, has to be the materials used in the construction process. We often assume that the quality of the cement, bricks used and its processing has been hampered. But every process of construction includes use of water. Wat....

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Did you know that your food could be so unhealthy?

When you wake up in the morning on a hospital bed, wondering why did you have that meal? Or why did you have that milkshake? But you may not know why that meal or milkshake has turned out to be harmful to your body. Apart from the stale food or outdated products used in preparation, there has been an upcoming trend of adulterants used in food items. Adulterated food i....

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