Did you know that your food could be so unhealthy?

When you wake up in the morning on a hospital bed, wondering why did you have that meal? Or why did you have that milkshake? But you may not know why that meal or milkshake has turned out to be harmful to your body. Apart from the stale food or outdated products used in preparation, there has been an upcoming trend of adulterants used in food items. Adulterated food is that which contains deleterious or poisonous substances that can prove injurious to health. Added adulterants like color additive, food additive, pesticides that bear harmful and injurious substances can lead to ill health.
Adulteration has become a social menace for all those who believe in saving cost by altering the original product with adulterants. For example, milk is adulterated with water for the purpose of increasing volume and making more money. Many vegetables have been adulterated with additive colors so as to make them look fresh and healthy. But the truth is, they can be seriously harmful to the consumers. Many substances are added to the original product to increase its weight or bulk and also reduce its strength and quality and to make it appear fresher and bigger than it actually is.
It is vital that the food products that you consume are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSIS) approved in order to wake up safe and sound every morning. Safety always comes first and so does good food and good health.


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