Is water really a life savior?

Water can be a life savior, but in the same way it can be life threatening too. Water is a very important element that is used in almost everything in our day to day lives. From the time we brush our teeth, to having our meals, to going swimming or even having our cars washed, water needs to be used. But usage of bad quality of water in every aspect can lead to many problems. Water, if infected, can lead to sickness. Hard water used for car washing, batteries, spas etc., can damage the processes. Water should be acid free and should not contain adulterants like oil, fatty acids etc, when fed to animals or used for poultry and Dairy processes. It may cause health problems to animals. Water that is used in cleaning, sanitation and laundry processes should also be free from adulterants like salt, acids, scales and so on. Used on food processing or in swimming pools, water needs to be processed well, so as to avoid food poisoning and skin infections and other diseases. Everything that we use consists of water and everything that has water has to be checked properly. Water can safe life, only if you save it from getting damaged.


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