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Apr 07 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai) Choke-de India gets air quality index

New Delhi: Mumbai System In Two Months With PM Narendra Modi launching a national air quality index (AQI), India on Monday joined a global league of nations, including the US, France, China and Mexico that have implemented such an alert system. The system will give details of air quality and its likely health implications for city dwellers. India's AQI wi....

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Diamond retailers may be mixing synthetic and real stones

MUMBAI : "Have you seen a jeweller in India selling man-made diamonds? Did you ever come across any ad, any brand?.. But everyone in the trade knows about lab-grown, synthetic stones being imported and sold in the wholesale market. So, if no retailer in India is advertising synthetic diamonds, the suspicion is that some of them may be mixing these cheap....

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According to the World Health Organisation estimates, around two million deaths occur globally, every year, due to food and water contamination. On World Health Day, we delve into this year's theme, food safety  There are over 200 dis eases caused by con taminated food or drinking water that contain harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemical substan....

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