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Dealing with pollution in our cities

In the past few months air pollution in Delhi has become a major concern once again. Last December the National Green Tribunal issued orders that overloaded trucks should not be permitted in Delhi, vehicles more than 15 years not be permitted to ply in Delhi, and vehicle parking on the main roads or any metalled roads be prohibited. Other suggestions include limits on....

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First world's discarded medical devices flood Indian markets

Complaints are coming in from the developing world about medical devices being 'dumped' or 'sold at inflated prices' by first-world countries and trading companies. China led the pack, instituting a probe last year, against western and Japanese medical device makers for selling dialysis kits at exorbitant prices in comparison to indigenous versions.....

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Mumbai: 46% of milk you drink may be substandard

MUMBAI : The fresh milk that you have every morning may be doing more harm to your health. The Mumbai Grahak Panchayat (MGP) has found that at least 46% of the milk consumed by us is below standard and of this 30% is adulterated with urea, starch, sugar or water. Most of the samples did not match the parameters set by the food and drug administration (FDA) ....

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