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Oppn may stall govt plan on green laws

New Delhi   At a time when the government is trying to build public opinion in favour of land acquisition legislation, its proposal to bring changes in existing green laws to manage other natural resources including forests, water and air also faces hitting an opposition wall. The Centre could get the first such indication of being opposed on green issue....

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Pollution in cities: Is dirty air the price of growing affluence?

You're not stuck in traffic - you are the traffic.' That's a slogan that surfaces on social media now and then, makes everyone chuckle and disappears. But it's the truth. Can you remember the last time you weren't jostling for road space with hundreds of cars and scooters? Or when your throat didn't feel scratchy driving with the windows rol....

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Apr 07 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai) Choke-de India gets air quality index

New Delhi: Mumbai System In Two Months With PM Narendra Modi launching a national air quality index (AQI), India on Monday joined a global league of nations, including the US, France, China and Mexico that have implemented such an alert system. The system will give details of air quality and its likely health implications for city dwellers. India's AQI wi....

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