Pharma and Cosmetics

In the last few years, the Indian pharmaceutical sector has seen an immense growth both in terms of domestic and international stratum and recognized itself as one of the largest in terms of volume of production. The emerging market of medical devices is one of the biggest contributions behind the growth in this overall pharmaceutical sector in India.

Further, the approval of 100 % FDI in the pharmaceutical sector under the automatic route for Greenfield investments as well as under the Government approval route for investments in existing companies has made India as one of the emerging markets for direct investment in pharmaceutical sector. Various large multinational pharmaceutical companies have entered the market through acquisitions and tie-ups with Indian pharmaceutical companies as India offers them potentiality and ability to manufacture generic drugs and medical devices at a comparatively low cost while at the same time maintaining desired quality.

However, in recent years, the pharmaceutical supply chain has become increasingly complex, extending beyond the country in unprecedented ways. Many active pharmaceutical ingredients and vaccines now originate outside India, a trend that can only have increased in the past decade.

Adulterated pharma and cosmetic products can have far reaching impact on the patient population and therefore it is very important to keep a check on the quality of medicines as well as its ingredients. At Purity Test, it’s our endeavour to ensure that we provide you scientific analysis of nd results of these quality tests.