Madhya Pradesh: Another trader held under NSA for milk adulteration

A 38-old-year trader was arrested in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday under the National Security Act (NSA) for alleged milk adulteration, an official said.
The trader, Ummed Singh Rawat, was arrested and sent to jail this morning under the NSA, District Collector Anurag Choudhary told PTI.
He is the second trader to be arrested and sent to jail under the NSA in the last three days.
A Ujjain trader was held on Thursday for adulterating milk products.
The action against Rawat comes after adulterated milk and chemicals were recovered from his shop at Mohna locality, around 40 km from Gwalior, during the raids conducted on July 24 and 25, he added.
Choudhary said Rawat was charged with adulterating milk even in 2017 and 2018.
Meanwhile, state Health Minister Tulsi Silavat said people adulterating milk and food will not be spared.
"Those who adulterate food products should leave Madhya Pradesh or be ready to go behind bars," he said. He said people were becoming victims of diseases like cancer due to adulteration.
On July 19, the government had launched a drive against milk adulteration and manufacturing of products using adulterated milk.
The government has also started the process of making the law stricter for curbing food adulteration, Silavat said.
"As part of the drive, 1,608 samples of milk products have been collected across the state till Friday. Of these, 43 have been tested so far," he said.
The test found six samples bearing fake logos of reputed brands. Besides that, six samples were found sub-standard and the rest 31 were found fit for consumption, he added.