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Residents fume over water contamination

Residents of Bagh Ramanand area near Golden Temple have alleged that they have been getting contaminated water supply for years.The people residing in the street no. 5 of the Bagh Ramanand area are the worst sufferers. They say the sewerage board hasn’t changed the decades-old pipes which have developed seepage. Despite spending Rs 12 crore in the walled city, the sewerage board has failed to address the water contamination issue, they said.Jagdish Singh, a resident of street no. 5 and RTI activist, said, “Almost all sewage pipes in the adjoining areas of the locality were changed around two years ago. But these were not changed in the street no. 5 due to the influence of a local BJP leader. There are 32 houses in the street and the residents are forced to drink stinky and muddy water. The problem is there for several years. The authorities concerned have miserably failed to provide potable drinking water.”Since the water supply pipes are too old, MC staff has to resort to scoring at least once a week. Under this process, a bolt has been installed at the end point of the supply line which is opened for two hours to clean the pipes.Bhupinder Singh, Sub Divisional Officer of the MC, said, “Clean water is supplied in the area. There is a problem in closed streets. We will do scoring to address the issue.”